ASDA – Killingbeck

In recent months, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community who have donated visors, face masks, other PPE, gift baskets and many lovely thank you cards. Last week, ASDA Killingbeck, contacted Springfield to offer a supply of face masks. Earlier this month, ASDAs President and CEO Roger Burnley pledged ASDAs support for care homes across the UK, to help some of the most vulnerable people during COVID-19. They also invited care homes to register for a ‘priority pass’ which gives them early visibility of online delivery slots to ensure that they can secure delivery and purchase the essentials required for their residents. The Asda Foundation has been supporting local communities, with ASDA Killingbeck providing food to local food banks, materials to the community who are wanting to make PPE and donations to schools to provide children with the opportunity to get creative when learning from home.

Sarah John, Community Life Champion at Asda Killingbeck, has been involved with supporting the Leeds community, and once she was made aware of the issues within the care sector, she wanted to help and support those in the local community. Sarah reached out to Springfield Healthcare to offer a supply of Face masks to help protect carers, nurses and the management team on the front line caring for residents. Katie Capes, one of Springfield’s care home managers went along to meet Sarah to accept the donation and said “We are very thankful for this generous donation and for everyone who has been supporting us to keep our residents safe during these challenging times.”