• Award for Life-Saving Pair
    On Friday 2nd August two of our employees ran to the aid of a passer by at Seacroft Green Care Centre and were able to save his life.  A gentleman was …
  • PractisingPing Pong Tournament
    On 19th July 2019,  two terrific teams of Ping Pong enthusiasts from neighbouring care homes Seacroft Grange Care Village and Seacroft Green Care Centre …
  • Ping Pong PetePing Pong Pete
    There’s never a moment when our activities and wellbeing team, led by the fabulous Iria Cunha aren’t thinking of new and interesting ways for our …
  • CQC Banner GoodCQC rate Seacroft Green ‘Good’
    Graeme Lee, Group CEO of Springfield Healthcare announced this afternoon that Seacroft Green Care Centre has achieved a “Good” rating following the recent …
  • Remembering the War Days
    All of the Springfield Healthcare care villages enjoyed a really super day on Wednesday 22nd May remembering the war years. Our homes were decorated, …

Happy Tuesday! So far this week at Seacroft Green, we have enjoyed a wonderful meditation session with Janie, everyone was relaxing even Sid! Getty Crafty doing Mandela Arts.
All family and friends are invited to come and join us for activities! if you are curious what's going on, please see a member of the Well-being team, or Activities time table at reception. 😁

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On Friday 2nd August two of our employees ran to the aid of a passer by at Seacroft Green Care Centre and were able to save his life. A gentleman was choking and quick thinking Robert Bodally and Jason Henderson proceeded to act calmly and professionally, administering life-saving first aid.

We are so proud of their actions, they represent everything that is amazing about Springfield Healthcare and helping others - including their modesty!

Jason was heard giving all the credit to Bob but we are reliably informed that it was a team effort. So thank you both for what you did!

Thursday 8th August Graeme Lee, Springfield CEO gave his personal thanks presenting Jason and Bob with a certificate and an engraved crystal heart to recognise their bravery and good deed.

If you see Bob or Jason around - shake their hand - it could have been someone you love in need of help that day!

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2 weeks ago

Seacroft Green Care Centre

Help spread the word by liking and sharing please! Love 🏓We're celebrating this week the ways in which table tennis can help with mental health #PowerofPing #GordonsStory #MentalHealth #ActiveAgeing #WhoSays #ActiveLives

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What a great advert for ping pong! Let's all get playing :-)

I'm proof it's never too late to be a CHAMPION
British Table tennis champion, Pam Butcher, 89, who received an MBE from Prince Charles last year, didn't start playing seriously until her 50s.

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Happy Yorkshire Day! To all our Yorkshire colleagues, residents, friends and family!! 😁 ...

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