Resident Wellbeing Blog

Having recently acknowledged world mental health day, we have drawn focus onto both the psychical and mental wellbeing of our residents. Now, more important than ever, whilst visits from loved ones are limited, we have increasingly become the support network for residents. Our primary focus is to ensure that residents wellbeing hasn’t been affected by this whole situation, and with so many different activities going on in the home, specifically thought out to meet the needs of all residents, my colleagues at Seacroft Green have been amazing. Every week, we make an activities schedule, and this week I have recruited one of our working aged adults on a volunteered basis to help me with the activities timetable and to design it for the whole home. The ideas that our residents have are incredible, sharing more ideas than what I could have ever thought of. I am just so glad that we are able to accommodate to everyones personal preferences and needs. 

Last week we have had some quality time with residents, painting nails, one to one chatting, arts and crafts, listening to music, garden club, lunch with the management team and we even celebrated national Yorkshire pudding day with homemade Yorkshire puddings from Housekeeping manager, Emma. We also did ‘question time’ where each resident chose a selection of questions to ask other residents to get to know each other better and we had their favourite music playing also while they were singing along to it. We’re always open to new ideas so if you think of something yourself or if you see a good idea please don’t hesitate to share it with us. Email me on

– Emma Nuttall