Wellbeing Blog #2


We have been super busy organising activities and events for our residents at Seacroft Green with lots of new initiatives in place to ensure residents are not only enjoying themselves, but they are thriving, learning new skills and keeping physically and mentally active. The residents are our number one priority and the feedback we have received recently has been amazing, and testament to the hard work of the whole team!


As Lifestyle Co-Ordinator at Seacroft Green, I am over the moon to work with such an amazing group of individuals who are entirely dedicated to supporting and helping to improve residents lives. Erin has recently joined the team as Fitness and Wellbeing Instructor and has made such a difference already in her first few weeks! Erin is planning to start some one-to-one fitness sessions with residents, setting goals and plans for the upcoming weeks. This will be trialled this week and pushed to all communities once we have established the best way to implement it throughout the home.


When I took on this new role during Summer, one of the important things for me was to ensure that all residents could benefit from the wellbeing programme, whether they want to join in on group activities on the community or whether their needs required one-to-one activities from the comfort of their own bedroom. I am absolutely delighted that we are able to accommodate and adapt to all residents needs wherever and whatever they would like to do! This week, we have been playing balloon volleyball, singing karaoke on all communities and celebrating national pizza day with lots of delicious pizza for all residents and staff to enjoy. We will also be making and decorating gingerbread men (and women) on Friday, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page to see some photos!


We have recently had lots of new equipment delivered for our dementia community, from new plates, bowls and cups (dementia friendly colours of course), jigsaws, paintings, arts and crafts and hand massages for both female and male residents – they love it already!! We also had some new blocks built for a gentleman that loves to moves things around, he is already loving this new addition to the home!


Claire Baskind at ’Comfort toys for dementia patients’ has kindly donated 14 ‘dementia friendly animals’ for our residents on our dementia community to play with and use during activities – thank you. We are extremely grateful for this donation and can’t wait to see the benefit of these to residents.


I think that’s enough from me today, but I’ll be back soon with more (hopefully) interesting updates from the wellbeing team a Seacroft Green. For now, I am excited to build the team further, as we have already seen such a huge benefit to having Erin on board and we look forward to what we will be able to achieve with a larger team!


– Emma Nuttall (Lifestyle Co-Ordinator)